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I have this keyboard almost for 2 years and suddenly some keys are assisgned to some odd words such as: "A" becomes "a + tab" and "TAB" becomes "a + TAB", "Capslock" becomes "S + caps" and "S" becomes "caps + A" and that happens with a lot of others keys.

I already tried change usb port, tested in another pc and reflashing the firmware, what else I can do??



In Standard mode it´s work, how I can put it to work in gaming mode?

I´m using windows 7 Ultimate 64bits.



It's not perfect working in Standard, just sometimes.

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Check your purchase date, if its still under 2 years, request an RMA top replace the keyboard. It sounds like its faulty if you have already tried a different computer and a firmware reflash.

Yea, I need to find it, long time without see it, and well, I never think I would need it...

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