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HS40 Software Breaks MS Speach Recognition


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I've just bought a Raptor HS40 headset. When I plug it into my computer it is detected and the relevant drivers are installed.


If I then try and use it for speach recognition using the built in Microsoft software all works as expected.


I then downloaded the latest software for the headset from the Corsair site and installed it. The install complains that the software is not digitally signed etc.... but does install.


After a reboot, I then have the new control panel for the headset and it is selected as the default device etc.


What I then find is that the software install has broken the MS speech application, which will then only work correctly again if I uninstall the Cprsair software.


Is their a fix available ?


This is running on Win 7 64 bit





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Before installing the V1.08 SunStreaker software, the built in Windows Speech recognition software worked. After the installation, I now get 7.1 surround sound, but the Windows speech is broken.

Specifically I am now unable to select the "Setup a Microphone" option or train speech recognition.

If I then uninstall the V1.08 software and reboot I can again use those options in speech recognition, but my sound is back to 2.0 instead of 7.1.


I have also tested this on my laptop and I have the exact same issue.

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So I did a Skype call the other day and when I eventually got through was told that they would update my ticket and get someone to look at it... the following day I check my ticket and no status update...


I then did a live chat yesterday... this again took a while to get an agent to talk to... however this was a little more productive from a support perspective... they had an engineer take a look at my case, however the answer below does not inspire me...


"We're truly sorry to hear this. We do not have immediate solution to this issue. I will report this bug to our software development team but unfortunately we do not have any ETA on when we 're going to have the solution. We're truly sorry for this."


Well I'm sorry Corsair but i'm annoyed that the bug exists in the first place... did you not QA the software before product release???... what is also worrying is the warning messages when installing the software as the software isn't digitally signed or properly qualified for Windows


In view of the fact that I have paid for a product that I am unable to use with all of it's features without it breaking the built in Windows software I believe that I have no option but to return the product for a refund as it is not fit for use.


Especially as they have no idea if/when they will fix it...


This is a shame as on the whole I like the headset... just the poor software that fails it.

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