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PC100 and PC133 Compatability


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I was trying to help a friend upgrade the memory in her iMac G3 350 MHz CRT. I ordered Corsair Memory from Newegg.com. I meant to order the PC100 SDRAM, VS512MB133, RAM but instead I accidentally ordered PC133 SDRAM, VS512MB133.



Are these two compatible? Will the PC133 step down to the speed on the motherboard? Or do I need to reorder?



Thank you,



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CMC is right if the system will support standard PC-100 memory it should be able to run PC133. However, I am sorry too say we do not test for or with non X86 based systems, and as I remember the G3 Mac's may need special memory or a special modules configuration! I would check with the maker of your system, too see that it will support 64M X 8 un-buffered non ECC memory!
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