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H110 vibration issue


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Hi Guys,


So I have a H110 fitted into a 750D chassis and I am having vibration issues, the vibrations are pretty loud and annoying, only temp fix I have found so far is to apply some weight to the top of the chassis to dampen it a bit.


So the rad is attached to the top of the chassis, and the vibration mounts have been used.


I am thinking that if I can mount the rad to the top of the chassis first rather than fans then rad that would cut out the noise as the fans would not be making direct contact with the chassis?


However the rad only shipped with screws suitable for going chassis - fan - rad, I find this odd as the other rads they do seem to fit the other way around, H100i for example.


So my questions are, do you think this will work? if so where can I get some screws to do this? and if I do it will the current screws still be ok to mount the fans as they will screw in a little more with there being no chassis in between.



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