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230mm fan for Graphite 600T side panel?


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Sometime ago (about a year I think) I bought a windowed panel for my Corsair Graphite 600T case. It came with an optional mesh insert with mounting holes for fans. I've been using the window since and kept the mesh if I ever needed it.


Temperatures inside are quite high despite the 700rpm 200mm Cooler Master fan on the front pulling air in and a generic 400rpm 120mm fan above it cooling the HDD's. They're both low rpm so there's little noise.


Basically I was thinking of using that mesh panel but I can't find any 230mm fans - if even 230mm would fit. The mounting holes looks like they'll take only one to four 120mm standard fans - I'm not sure a 230mm fan would fit anyway.


Also, I have no fan headers left so however many fans I stick to the mesh they're going to have connect directly to the PSU, but that 12v might be too high to have them spin at say 700rpm like the front.


Any ideas on what fan(s) to get for that mesh panel? Here's a photo of it:


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