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One Bad RAM Stick Possibly.


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Alright so I have been running this setup since Christmas but for the last month or so I have been getting a Memory_Management BSOD sometimes multiple times a day other times I can go several days before seeing it again. I figured it was probably some corrupted Windows thing (Like most of the time) about it transferring information from my RAM to the HDD. Other symptoms that popped up during this time was my Firefox would repeatedly crash over and over and Chrome would say Aw Snap! I would be mid game almost done with a mission and boom, BSOD. So I finally got annoyed with the problems and wiped my computer. Everything fixed right? Nope. About an hour into my clean wipe I was installing drivers and then the Memory Management started back up.


Now here is my dilemma I proceeded to research the BSOD using WhoCrashed and then proceeded to research Memory_Management BSOD. I downloaded and burned MemTest86+ to a DVD and shutdown my computer. I then pulled one stick and tested (We will call it stick A) Stick A ran for a whopping 10 seconds before Failures (Red Failures not Errors) began filling my log over 2k failures by the time it reached test #5.


So I shutdown the computer again and popped in Stick B, Stick B ran to Test #8 with no errors whatsoever.



Now here is my problem. I find it rare for a RAM stick to go bad especially when I got them for Christmas (To Replace my Old Corsair 2x4GB DDR3 Sticks)


Is there any other reason why one stick can flag 2k errors in memtest86+ or is this stick completely bad? Also is there any warranty covering a stick going bad in under 6 months of use. I would really hate to have to drop some dough on some New RAM especially with my job cutting my hours back. Just to cover my bases here. I do not currently have the old DDR3 RAM sticks in my possession I gave them to my cousin (along with my old NVIDIA 560 Ti SLI cards) for his computer when he built it. So I have one 8 GB ram stick in use (Stick B) and one sitting on a table supposedly in non-working condition (Stick A)

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