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HX850 clicks and PC reboots


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I installed new HX850 two months ago. Worked fine until now.

Recently I observed PC rebooting randomly while in Windows, always hearing single "click" sound from the PSU area.

Then PC restarts and works normally.

Tested it under CPU/GPU load, no sign of connection there.

Works few hours then bang.

Checked all the cables inside for loose contacts, replaced supply cable 230VAC, no improvement.

I use Fractal Design XL With PSU placed in the bottom with fan/air intake from the bottom side.

I am wandering what makes that kind of noise?

Is there any kind of relay used there? or is it just capacitor which is getting shortened and does VDC gap?

Some kind of protection which kicks in?

Any ideas what to do with this one? Any help appreciated :)

Best regards

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