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Question on the Vengeance Keyboards


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Hey everyone, I have a rather small question, but it's been on my mind for a while. Basically, I want to buy a corsair keyboard because I just love the look of them, and they get crazy good reviews. With that being said, I can't find a keyboard that suits me, the K70 is nice and I'm very much inclined to buy it because it comes in Cherry MX browns, but it has no macro keys. The K95 on the other hand has macro keys, but it just seems like a bit much, I doubt that I can reach all the G keys with one hand, and it only comes in MX Red. So having said all that, my question is:


Will a vengeance version of the K40 ever come out? It looks to suit my needs, but it's not mechanical and I can't stand anything else. If not, does corsair take custom orders? Like could I order a K95 with cherry mx browns?

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