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Where is your Legendary Support?

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I opened a Ticket in your support ticket system,as your live chat support did not have any technical knowledge.The person did not even assist me to create a ticket.So i just opened a ticket myself on 6/5/2014


Till now there is no reply.I liked corsair.But where is your so called legendary support??

I dont think in case of an RMA you are gonna replace the defective product on time,if this is the time frame by which you reply inquires.


I will have to say poor support!!

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I have already posted my question over here.




its quite uncommon not to reply to a customers query even after 5 days,so for the RMA i don't know how much time you guys will take.

I was walking through the threads in this forum,found a lot of threads in which you guys intervened and helped,i really appreciate that.


But it would be great if you add some more people to your tech support and answer the questions in at-least one week time :)


Just a suggestion.

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Who's arguing? Your question was answered over a weekend when we are closed. If you need more information, or clarification, you need to ask for it. We're not psychics.


We hope you have a great experience with the other brand you chose. Sorry this did not work out for you.

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