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OHHHH Corsair why don't I learn


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These people don't want customer contact ...same probs some years ago

anyway trying to ask a pre-sales question and the form keep on asking me for the part number...which I keep putting in..USELESS and fustrating.


Anyway if there's anyone from corsair here here my question:



Hello I am getting these components..

Am I likely to have any mounting issues with the H100i..i.e stand-off as in this vid?Note vid is not mine but kindly uploaded by a sufferer to highlight this sad issue



5010751907 INTEL CORE I7 4770K 3.5GHZ 8MB

5010786225 GIGABYTE GA-Z97X-GAMING 5 Z97 S-1150 ATX HRF


5010658118 CORSAIR H100I HYDRO CPU COOLER S-1150/1366/2011/AM3+


I can do without issues...


Ps will probably talk son out of getting the Veng c70 chasiss now...don't have problems asking questions to other companies tech/sales support .In fact Nxzt have been very fast and efficient...except for EA sports...

Are corsair the EA sports of the the computer world??


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I had to use extra washers on the back of mine with a MSI board on my 4670k, temps were awful without them, but i put them between the back brace and the plastic spacer included and all is well now. would have been nice for corsair to include them in the box, but unfortunately corsair is quickly becoming a brand of haste and waste in my mind.


My personal recommendation is to stay away from the h100i, it can work, but between the spacer issues and the terrible (and i mean terrible) software / detection issues, it a lot of hassle.

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thanks for the reply...I have the cooler but haven't opened it..as it may be going straight back.

I have however read the installation instructions (downloaded pdf from corsair...Processor is Haswell socket 1150.


I guess that where the instructions indicate parts to use on socket 1155,1156, then it is these parts I use on the 1150?

(the 1150 isn't mentioned)


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ahhh!!!! Yellowbeard...good now for some good info.(thanks for the socket info by the way)


Do you know if the mounting screw problems wide spread or is it probably just a batch made with wrong length screws...I really prefer not to be messing around with washers if at all poss

Mobo is GIGABYTE GA-Z97X-GAMING 5 Z97 S-1150 ?


<just your opinion if you are allowed to voice it



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I can't really say what the numbers are, for sure you'd likely have a better idea about it than i do. All i know is my own experience, as well as what i found with a quick google search.


I still have the h100i, with washers, fans hooked up to cpu header to avoid grinding, led doing whatever it wants b/c the software cant recognize it over usb.


I may just happen to have the 1 in 10000 that has every single known issue with this product, so unless the place you bought it from doesn't accept opened returns (in which case take it back anyway and get it from amazon/bestbuy so that you can), go ahead and try it. I'd buy some washers from the hardware store anyway, just in case :)

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  • 2 weeks later...

Been reading about water leaks and that Corsair will not necessarily cover damage parts...(thought closed system mean't no chance of any leaks)

case by case judgement . which if anything like guitars from china means they take care of their larger cusomer base(USA/Canada) whilst smaller customer base (europe) may not be looked upon too favourably...

I HAVE NO EVIDENCE THAT THIS IS SO WITH CORSAIR THOUGH , just my gut feeling and experience WITH OTHER products and manufacturers.


That said I will contact my supplier and try to swap the Hi100 for an air cooled system. Couldn't bear to see my sons face if we got a leak and it destroyed the build he'd saved for::..FOR ME , not worth the risk...hope I can change it ...


thanks for those who have replied to my topics...:-)

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they'll take it back...good luck to you who water-cool ....personally i can't afford to replace expensive parts if things go wrong,,,,and the amount that fail may be miniscule BUT it happens. Just need a good aircooler that's not too big that it will break the mobo if he takes pc to a friend ;.)
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