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h80i problems


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One of the fans has stopped working on my H80i.


When my PC powers up both H80i fans (and all case fans) will immediately spin-up but then one H80i fan will stop, while the other H80i fan continues as normal.


My mobo also registers a fault with the CPU fans at startup.


I swapped the fans on the power plug from the pump and it worked, so the problem is with the power coming from the pump, not the fan itself.


I've checked the power cable from the pump for any damage and there's none that I can see.


I've installed the latest Corsair Command software but I'm still on 1.0.4 firmware. I'm worried about trying to update a faulty unit, would probably brick it.


I've also tried unplugging everything, nothing worked.


I've currently got the fan working by connecting it directly to my mobo (Asus maximus vi formula ) but now both fans are running at full speed all the time with no throttle control, quite noisy.


now i have contacted customer support and they say they want a copy of my receipt to verify warranty only problem with that is


I don't believe i have the receipt from the store Any longer as with it being bought at Canada computers a couple months ago


im sure i have thrown it out as their personal customer replacement policy is only 30 days and had no idea That i would need to provide such documentation as i have never needed to do so in the past with any product i have rma'd other wise i would have kept it for personal records

is there any thing i can possibly do ?


thx in advance

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