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Carbide Air 540 Quality control??


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Hello all,


my lovely Wife thought she would make me a awesome birthday gift when she saw the Carbide Air 540 in white.

Well at first glance i was in awe at the looks of that Case....but then i started the assembly. O..M..G.

1) The left retention-thinghy from the first HDD rail i took out broke right away

2) I then tried to open the front panel to access the Dust-Filter an Fans and while doing that, i hurt my fingers on some sharp corner there.

3) Whats with that open space in the bottom of the case, right below the HDD's? Was there no money left to close those holes?

4) Ok, SSD's are non mechanical Drives but the tool-free solution is far from good for my taste. They are moving like crazy in there.

5) The used metal is so darn bendy. This Case is all but a sturdy Construction.

6) Since there is no build-in Fan Controller (for that prize tag??), i decided to buy a 3rd Party one and i cant even fix that one correctly in the opening, because the two retention pins dont close as the Fan-Controller is not long enough to reach the back end of the Rail to activate the pins..

7) So much Mesh and yet no Dustfiltering Material??


I found 2 positives nontheless.

1) The Dual-Chamber is great. My Rig looks so clean without all the Cables sticking out

2) The Aesthetics are great and the Window is nicely tinted


All in all my Joy quickly turned into Frustration and Facepalming. Corsair, stick with Memory and Powersupplies and lately CPU-Coolers, those Areas you Mastered in my opinion.




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Okay, so you do have a point about the HDD hotswap bays..


I have no clue what you cut your finger on, could you take a picture of it? I've taken off all the panels of my case many times and that has never been an issue for me.


The open space at the bottom is because it adds rigidity to the case and it's made for the hot swap bay.

I understand what you're saying about the SSD 4 bay tray, but it's because all SSDs are not the same size. Some are 7mm and some are 9.5mm it was made to support both.


The case is rigid where it needs to be. I would have liked to see thicker metal, but we are talking about a dual-chamber case. I was recently talking to Greybeard about why they couldn't have made it just about an inch or two wider on the back side so the 5.25inch bays would be horizontal instead of vertical. He said just that little bit of extra material on production would have made the case upwards of 200 dollars. I understand your frustration with the case because in some sense it does feel cheaply made, but it's because of the added production cost the dual-chamber design.


Again, the case is rigid where it needs to be. I am able to fit Dual 780 Classifieds (11 inches long) with a UT60 (60mm) 240 and 360 radiator on an X79 board (Very tall vrm heatsink) and all it required was a slight off set of the top screws. I was even able to fit the UT60 240mm in P/P!


There are very few cases that I know of that have a built in fan controller, and even less at this price range. And even the ones that offer it really aren't that great. They will support the stock fans (3-4 at the most) and only do 5v, 7v, and 12v. Which also isn't great. Some fans don't even go down to 5v which means 7v and 12v are the only ones useful.


There is no reason for dust-filtering material because in this type of case you should be running a positive airflow set up which means that air will passively be pushed out the mesh. I run the top and bottom as intake and have no issues with dust inside my case.

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