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H-80 wont modulate fan speed


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I have purchased an H-80 recently and I am having trouble getting it to operate properly. The fans run at very high speed and are very loud. I have reset the firmware many times, however this only partially resolves the issue, and returns to the original state following every power cycle.


When the firmware is reset the fans will spin down to a more acceptable speed and volume, but the speed is a fixed value that does not modulate with temperature, or profile setting. Further more, when the computer is power cycled the fans speed returns to a very high and loud setting, again require a firmware reset to return to a tolerable volume.


The fans are connected to the water block, and the three pin connector that comes from the power connector is connected to the CPU three pin header on the motherboard. The fan speed is unaffected by the profile settings either before, or after a firmware reset.


Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated, as I am very close to returning the unit for a refund.

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