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Corsair Link won't show up


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Hello everyone,

I just tried to reinstall my Corsair Link, because the older version (installed about 5 or so months ago) won't let me change LED lights on my h100i pump. So i deleted the older version and installed the last one (2.6.5214). Then i plugged back the h100i via direct usb cable, connected to my front panel (not to my mainboard because I was still having issues with that method).

Anyway, when I restarded, I tried to open my Corsair Link, but it won't show up! Basically what happens to me is that if I try to right click the little icon near the clock and set to Quiet, Balanced or Performance mode, it works perfectly, but when i choose the "Show CorsairLINK" option, nothing happens!

I tried to reinstall, reboot, try different Corsair Link versions but still nothing has changed.

This is so frustrating!!


Asrock z87 extreme4

i7 2600k

Windows 7 Professional 64 bit






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chances are your link thru all the installs is pointing to another usb header.

you may try uninstalling including the appdata folder,,unplug the usb connector,,,do a FULL COLDBOOT,restart to windows...then shutdown and reconnect link,then do the reinstall.

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tried. Still nothing it's happening. I can't figure out what or where the problem is! I'm gonna throw this garbage outside.... Seriously, I hate when I can't figure out where the problem is and can't solve it. It's really frustrating :[pouts:
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