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H100i LED Change HELP, Firmware Downgrade?


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Hey everyone. About 4 months ago I purchased an H100i on Amazon. A few weeks into owning, the LED lights would change every time I would restart (after it was completely off). I would start with RED, then it would boot to PINK. I'm not absolutely sure, but I believe the firmware was 1.0.5. Anyways, I had a problem with the fan controller on it, so I had to RMA it. Corsair then sent me a brand new unit, and I didn't have an problems with the color changing.


However, I was changing the fans on the radiator, and one of the screw holes was completely striped. I assumed that this would cause a leak in static pressure, and instead of RMA'ing it again through corsair, Amazon was nice enough to let me return that one, and give me an exchange for a new one. (I'm sorry corsair, but at least Amazon accepts changes and returns with a prepaid postage label, rather than having us pay to send it back)


So now, on my new one I was sent from Amazon, I believe the firmware was once again 1.0.5. But I don't believe that was the problem, as the lights were completely okay. They wouldn't change at all on startup.


The issue came after I tried to install the beta version of Corsair Link. Once I installed it, it told me that there was an update in firmware for the h100i (1.0.7). I thought it would be a good idea to install the new firmware, so I did. Now, from what I believe, upgrading to the new firmware was the cause of all the problems with the LED lights changing.


I'm trying to convert back to 1.0.5, but I cant. I saw a post made by RAM GUY on these forums, with a link and .zip file for 1.0.5. Whenever I try and install it, or download it, it shows up as "attachment.php"


Is there an actual link or .zip file that I can download, to convert my firmware to 1.0.5.? Right now, my LED color on the H100i is bright pink, and it is very annoying. I don't know if this is an actual problem, but it seems to me that Amazon is sending older versions of the H100i, and Corsair is sending out new versions.


I would really appreciate some help around here. Thanks

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Try a different browser and download the file.


WOW... Thank you so much Toasted. That downloaded the file. I just installed Chrome, and everything worked. IE is still my favorite, but there is a lot of problems with Internet Explorer. Im running 1.0.5. again. Thank you so much

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