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Vengeance 2000 not turning off


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I have had some cut out problems a few times, yesterday it happend about 10 times, and randomly shutting off sometimes without noticing me, and it was still charging. and currently the blue light is solid, its not blinking or anything, If i put the charget in that one is too solid, but I can still use the headset's mic and I can hear people, clearly, listen to people and the usual stuff. but can't turn the headset off. and it sometimes has this weird noise as it loses a packet or something during songs or people. I really want a way to fix this, but I can't afford to send the headset in because I am currently broke. I really wish I could send the headset in to you guys to fix it or something if that was possible but.

But I know how to replace the stuff inside the headset and such, if nesseseary. But isn't it possible to have a software update or something?

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