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Cleaning the Corsair K95 Help


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Hey Guys!


Lemme first start off with saying i proudly am an owner of this gorgeous Keyboard and i love it.


But here's my question since its a very exspensive keyboard and this may be a silly question but would it be safe to use my 99% alcohol i use for cleaning thermal paste etc to use for cleaning the key caps and everywhere else on the k95 usually i just use a damp cloth but i wanted to ask before doing this just incase


Also on a side note i would like to grab a "proper" keycap puller for it so if any of you guys could point me in the right direction for the best keycap puller for this specific keyboard id appreciate it!


thanks in advance!

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I don't think you should have an issue with cleaning it with Ispropyl alcohol like you want to, but unless it's just caked with dirt or something I would suggest just cleaning it with a damp cloth.


As far as the keycap puller goes, any will do. There is no need to spend good money on a keycap puller.

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