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10 keyless keyboards


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Not sure where else to post this but I thought I would bring it up for discussion.


Where's all the love for 10 keyless keyboards? I'm fully aware Corsair has the k65 compact keyboard however I find that it's a bit lacking in features. I've come to the conclusion that the keyboards just must not be popular enough and people are too dedicated to their 10key layout but I argue the following:


-Using a mouse and keyboard without 10key is a more ergonomic layout.

-A stand alone 10key unit could be placed on either side of the keyboard / mouse

-With the powerful software coming out for the RGB series of keyboards you could greatly increase the number of available keymaps/functions which would take the place of the missing 18 keys (this is in reference to people who use those keys for binding macros)


More or less I'm specifically targetting the RGB lineup. I would have drooled over a K65 RGB. In fact I might even be happy with just a backlit k65. I'm not looking for another company to do this though because I know they wouldn't do it justice. All in all I may just end up having to buy a k65 and jimmy rigging some kind of led backlighting myself which will not go well.

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