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CX750 high pitch noise


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My PSU is a few months old. But the problem is that the noise is random, it can run for days without anything, and then suddenly sound like this.


I could do an rma, but the place i bought it at wants it in to verify the noise. Problem is i'd be without psu for the duration.




Any ideas ?


p.s. I have no idea why corsair have a website from the 1990's.

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VERY strange.


So you didn't buy it in a store? You bought it online? Have you contacted Corsair support to see if they can do an expedited exchange?


It's both a store and online shop. But even if i come in with it, they want it connected at their place so they can hear it for them selves even if that takes days.

I've thought about buying a new one, then send this one in and have them credit it when they're done.

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I thought so too. But i guess i should contact corsair support first, just in case there's anything they can do that might speed up the process.

I hope i can buy a new one and get this one credited, because i'll then be going for an upgrade as well.

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