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Problems with Corsair Link SW


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Brand new PC build using H80i. Windows 7 is up to date including all drivers (chipset, Intel ME, USB). Corsair Link 2.6.5214.


LED is buggy - I can set it to a color and on the next power up it has 'forgotten' the color and has become white or slightly bluish white.


The LED CPU temperature responding setting has never worked. It simply remains a solid blue (which I had set before in single color setup) or whitish blue. I've tried many different temperature threshholds and monitored the CPU temp with other programs. Simply does not work.


Sometimes the display where you drag the fan icons onto the computer case will lose their positions. And sometimes they will lose information and display RPMs of zero (and the fans are visibly spinning and obviously not zero RPM). This seems to happen whenever I have multiple USB devices plugged in, and when I remove one of the devices, the RPM information will return.


Also, I cannot see the H80i device in device manager. Am I supposed to be able to see it in Device Manager?


thanks for any help or advice.

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Reverted to driver version 2.5.5145 - LED temperature mode still does not work. I run 3DMark and verify that my CPU gets up to 54 deg. C. The H80i LED stays blue (the same color it was when I started the test). I have temp threshold set to turn green at 50 deg. C.


Still cannot find the H80i listed in Device Manager...where exactly should I look and what is it called in Device Manager?


Any help....

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Open Device Manager and search under Human Interface Devices for HID-Compliant Device and also USB Input Device. It's a little tedious but right click properties, Details, under Property select Hardware Ids and look for:

under HID-compliant



Under USB Input



this should tell you the device is present.

Check also under Devices and Printers for the presence of Integrated USB Bridge.

If there are no yellow flags or problem indications (missing drivers, for instance) then your Corsair device is there.

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Yes it is there and says it is working properly.


My h80i works in that it does control the fans - I can set Quiet, Balanced, and Performance modes and see the change in fan rpm.


What disappointed me is I cannot get the LED to work right - was looking forward to using the temperature function of the LED changing with CPU temp. Tried 4 versions of Link software - the earlier versions all had missing devices, some missing fans and GPU fan missing. What works best for me is the latest 2.6.5214.


I'll just wait and hope they can release a new version with stable working LED.


(CPU idles 39C; ran Prime95 got to 82C. Most games run upper 60s but I haven't tried a stressful game like BF4 yet...)

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