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A lot of troubles with corsair hydro series


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I'm a pc builder (i do it for work), in the last month i've installed about 10 corsair liquid coolers (h100i & h80).

I have to say that on 10 coolers i had troubles with 4!!!

The most common issues is that the pump spin like crazy (about 4/5000 rpm without pumping any fluid in any position...and of course without cooling), another issue that i had is the "grinding" noise from the pump, togheter with the over spinning problem.

The last issue i had is on my own pc, after installed the h100i, everthing was fine for about 2 days, than started to don't pump water, so i take off the screws that keep the radiator in place on the case and i gently shake it to make all the air bubble pass, and one hose frome the waterblock came off! result: Motherbord gone:evil: Ok, you can say that is my fault because i have done some mistake installing it ecc., but i know that is not true, probably the hose was not well fittet on the waterblock, i don't know.:mad:

Sorry for my english::pirate::

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