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microphone low, volume high - 1500 V2 gaming headset

Dollar McCash

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I got a Corsair vengeance 1500 V2 gaming headset for my birthday.

I like it, but I'm having some problems with it. First of all, without the corsair drivers I can't have my volume higher than 2% before it hurts my ears A LOT. But the mic isn't too low with only the windows drivers.


When I install the corsair drivers it gets better. I can put up the volume a bit more - the problem is that now my microphone is really low. Is there anything I can do?


oh yeah, I should mention im using the headset on my labtop and I've tried all USB's with no use and is running on a windows 8.1

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Basically same for me, i guess if your not having any help then I wont be, just take it back, its a terrible headset. I've had this for 2 hours and its a complete joke. I download the corsair drivers and it makes my mic create static, my mic cant even pick up my voice, and like yours i cant even put the volume up that much. Joke. Get a razor headset, so much better.
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