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800D Hot-Swap Bay Door Availability?


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Does anyone know where I can possibly find one?


The clicker part broke on mine and I checked with support and they said they don't have any 800D replacement parts at all anymore.


Bunch of websites have it listed but all are backordered or not in stock.


I saw that the fascia (front plate) is still in stock but right now $50 seems a bit steep just to replace the bay door.


I'm thinking of getting some slow hardening epoxy to try to re-attach it but figured I'd check here first.


-Also, one of the screws on my USB 3.0 header are stripped but it might be a bit much to ask for a single replacement screw lol.



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if the case is under warranty I would do an RMA and just tell em that you want the whole front facia. that does come with the hot swap bay door!! and 50bucks is cheap it was like 70 bucks if I remember correctly so they must want to get rid of em.
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