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New SW and FW release for Voyager Air


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The new release is available for download. The Android app is also available from Google Play, and the iOS app is available from iTunes. We are still waiting for Amazon to approve the updated app.


The new software is a dramatic improvement, with clients for iOS, Android, and web browsers. Big changes include:


1. Smart media library management


  • Separates TV shows from movies; organizes shows by season and episode.
  • Organizes music by artist, album, genre, and song title
  • Organizes photos by year and month


2. Expanded video format support


You can now use the Voyager Air app to select and play your MKV and AVI videos (with the "Play With" and "Copy Link" options). The new app is integrated with third-party video players like VLC and nPlayer to let you go beyond the default video formats.


3. Cloud Synchronization


You can synchronize your Voyager Air or Voyager Air 2 to your Dropbox and Google Drive accounts.


[updated to reflect app availability]

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Any idea when Amazon will approve and release the updated app ... I upgraded the firmware on the drive and use a mix of Android and Kindles and now all the kindles do not work using the older version of the app. The android devices work great with the new app.
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