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sp120 fans always 0 rpm why?


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can anyone help me with my problem


i bought both sp120 pwm HPE and non PWM...


but when i use fan expert, speedfan etc. it always detects 0 rpm


i installed it correctly...

all pins are not broken

i even tried other fans.. it shows there rpms but not the rpms on SP120s..


im using a m5a99fx pro 2 as my mobo


please help me

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If they can be controlled. What's the problem? I find it weird that neither of the two fans can be detected. I know some motherboard have problems controlling the PWM version because of the different PWM signal that it has compared to other fans.


I don't really control my fans to a certain RPM. I just go by noise to temperature. low to no noise at idle and manageable noise while gaming/editing/rendering.

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Strange that other fans work but not the SP120. Have you tried the SP120s on another PC to verify that they are not defective with regard to the RPM sensing function?


I own two SP120s (one PWM and one 3-wire, both high performance editions... PWM on my CPU cooler, 3-wire as case fan) and both report the RPM reliably on my Asus P8P67 Pro 3.1 motherboard. Both fans are able to have their speed controlled reliably by the motherboard throughout their speed range as well.


I've had weird results with other fans, though. My Arctic PWM F12 rev. 2 fans report RPMs that are not close to what I've set them to (except at full speed).


If I set the fan to slow to 50% with Speedfan (which works very well with my Corsairs on the same motherboard), it reports RPM that is 82% of maximum. If I tell it to go to 30% speed, it slows only to a reported 68%. The lowest speed I could get the fan to was 50%, and that was when I commanded the fan to go 15%. If I set it to go 10%, it reported 79% speed.


Both of my Arctic F12 PWM fans do this.


I am not sure if they are disobeying the PWM signal (spinning faster than commanded) and accurately reporting the RPM or obeying the PWM signal (spinning as commanded) and reporting the RPM incorrectly. If I was going to use the fans, I would investigate further to find out what's going on, but for the moment, it's not worth worrying about for me.


You report that two different fans have the same issue (just as I have two Arctics with the same issue). With two fans doing the same in both of our cases, it seems less likely that there is a manufacturing defect and more likely that the motherboards are simply having a problem with the fans in question.


Perhaps certain motherboards just don't like certain fans. It sounds odd to me to even suggest that, but since other fans properly report their RPM, maybe there is something to that. Only way to tell for sure is to try your fans with another computer (if you can) and see if they report their RPM on that system.

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