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How do I upgrade my Neutron GTX 240GB to a bigger capacity SSD?


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Currently I have a Neutron GTX 240GB. Performance is great but I'm slowly running out of disk space. With 50GB game installs like Titanfall and Wolfenstein, it's only a matter of time.


So now I'm thinking about upgrading to a bigger capacity SSD, like the Neutron GTX 480GB for example. My question is: what is the best way to do this? I don't mind reinstalling Windows but if it's not necessary, I would prefer not to.


I want the least amount of problems or potential for problems.

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theres no need to redo windows,just clone the new ssd,,corsair has cloning software along with others also

you may lose license keys to certain software but if you own the software it shouldnt be a issue


What's the best cloning software, in your opinion?


Losing license keys? That sounds bad. How does that happen?


I would honestly just keep your windows install as is and then just use the 480GB for other things like games, programs, etc etc.


Not interested in doing this. Would rather sell old SSD to help cover cost of new.

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