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Third H80i Failure – Really?


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I am my wife have almost identical PCs. Both have 8350s (neither is overclocked).

The first one (an H80) failed after about four months with a loud screeching noise, so I submitted an RMA and replaced it.

I got the replacement and put it into my wife’s computer. When I first installed her H80i her computer would ide at about 3C above ambient. I was impressed so I purchased another H80i to install on my system with a similar result about 4C above ambient.

My H80i failed after about 65 days, it did not make even a squeak. Both fans and the pump went to max speed as reported by “Corsair Link.” My CPU would overhead in about three minutes. Corsair replaced it quickly and the new one is working fine.

Now, my wife’s H80i has done the same thing after only four months. Both fans and the pump went to max as reported by corsair link. Her computer shuts down within a few seconds due to the CPU overheating.

This is the third one to fail, not one of the three lasted six months! Anyone know what’s going on?

The computers run pretty much 24/7 we both play games so we need a reliable cooling solation. It's starting to look like the h80 is not reliable. At least I have never had one leak.

Has anyone experienced or even heard of this kind of issue?

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