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H80i Temp Issues. Is it correctly installed


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Hi all,


So my previous LC's pump died on me and my CPU had been running hot without me realizing it. I just bought and installed the H80i yesterday but not getting great idle temps and under load my CPU has to underclock itself to remain stable.


Corsair Link & Core Temp: http://i.imgur.com/DODLImw.jpg


I feel like I should be getting better performance than what is listed above. I assume from the H80i Temp and the CPU Temp listed in Link that there isn't proper thermal contact happening?


Any advice? Anyone with an i7 930 OC'd for 4ghz with this setup could give me a ballpark on their temps.



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I have been running my h80i for more than a year without any issue and with oc'd i7 (you can check my config here http://forums.pureoverclock.com/cpu-overclocking/5736-core-i7-4ghz-club-overclocking-guide-175.html#post154994 )




check the cpu block makes good contact with the processor and replace the termal compound if necessary.

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Thanks, I had a feeling that might be the case. I'll pick up some arctic silver 5 and some articlean and replace the stock compound.


What was really useful was to see your 920 @ 4.2ghz running at 68C max.

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If you still have bad contact after that. I've heard some select motherboards need washers in order to get tight contact. So, you might need to do that. Just make sure they are rubber washers!


This is correct. My i7 930 at 4.0 1.3v had an idle temp of 45-50c, load of 80-85c and would continue rising. After re-seating 3 times, tightening down all the hardware, and making sure the backing plate was on correctly, nothing would help. Found a link to a guy that had to do the same thing. If your backing plate with the studs for the thumb screws is loose, check to see how far the backing plate sticks through the mother board. Should be flush against it, or just the slightest amount sticking through. in my case, there was quite a bit sticking out, and while having the water block mounted caused very little movement, i still believe it wasnt making perfect contact to the processor.


The mounting studs only thread in so far, and if the backing plate is already past the mother board face, then you will not have good contact.


See this thread here and see what im talking about.


Once the o-rings were installed, temps dropped to 35-38c idle, 65-70c under load. Granted the idle is still a bit up there (older i7's run hot), but from what the temps were to what they are now is much better.


Try the o-rings. they worked great for me. Im finally happy with this product.

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honestly,since your gpu is hitting 50c and obviously isnt being taxed at 25 % cpu usage,id really look at your case airflow as this looks like a big issue to me

my gpu's never hits far above that temp even at a full load...

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