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Corsair H105, AMD Installation Issue


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I have a problem installing the Corsair H105 on an Asus Crosshair V Formula-Z mobo(motherboard).


Instruction on the H105 said, remove the top mount and screws on the mobo and screw in the standoff onto the back bracket which in this case is the Asus Crosshair V Formula-Z back bracket.

This is where the issue is. The back bracket of the Crosshair V Formula-Z's up stand(where you screw in the standoff) is Not flashed with the mobo. It's protruding out(by3-4mm) from the mobo. When the standoff is installed onto the back bracket, there is a gap between the mobo and the standoff.


Any solutions? I'm not blaming Corsair. It's just that Asus changed the back bracket on the Crosshair V Formula-Z.

FYI. Asus Crosshair V's back bracket is flashed with the mobo.



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