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New 1500v2 from RMA, broken/distorted mic


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So i RMA'd my 1500 v1 that lost the left channel.


received a set of 1500 v2


installed them, hopped on vent (almost 2 weeks later), and everyone tells me my mic turns into digital mumble jumble after 2 seconds, and that the sound was completely distorted.


i've tried uninstalling and reinstalling different versions of the software (1.1 and 2.0) tried different usb slots, and this still happens.


plugged in my (other) backup set of 1500 v1 and it was completely fine.


what makes this worse is, i did not have time to test the mic out for almost 2 weeks since i've just been too tired from working 12 hour shifts + saturdays. I've already sent my broken v1 in thinking i would be trouble free with the new set. and i barely have time to go ship these again... not to mention cost.


RMA/Ticket# 6464637


Please advise

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