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Is it possible to get a 3.5mm version of the 1500 headset?

Giant Tiger

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Hey there,


I've been having real issues with my 1500 headset - the same as many others, I have been trying to work with high pitch noises, white noise, ear-crippling volumes and drivers/software that exacerbate the issues and crash constantly.


I wondered if there is a 3.5mm version of this headset and if it would be possible to get these instead via an RMA?


The way these headphones interact with the OS via USB is incredibly buggy and would like to remove this issue.

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The V1400 are 3.5mm instead of USB. If i remember correctly, it uses the same drivers on the V1500 as well. But ask customer service to confirm that first.




You can contact customer service via phone and ask if they can send the V1400 instead of the V1500. You can call them using Skype by calling their toll-free number.


Note: The V1400 are cheaper than the V1500 by $20.00 according to the Corsair webstore.

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