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Solution - h80i not detected


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Hi guys

Just made this account to share what I did to make windows detect my h80i once again after updating windows to 8.1


I did what was recommended first but it did not help. (Uninstall, delete local files, restart, reinstall, restart open)

I did this many times but Link did not detect my h80i, there were no colours and the fans just went at slow speed no matter the load/temp.


Do this at your own risk but it worked for me. I opened my case WHILE THE SYSTEM WAS RUNNING and unplugged the mini USB which plugs into he h80i. I then plugged it back in and windows said "new hardware detected, restart system" or something. I then restarted it and boom, link now showed my h80i. It suggested firmware update so did that, restarted and I can control it as I could before windows 8.1. I hope this helps you guys, just do it at your own risk and don't try if you think you will touch the mobo, gpu etc.


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