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H60 pump not working ?


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I have a H60 cooling system, and lately i have a problem with my CPU temperatur, it goes around 200f° !

Everything was working perfectly until an appartement got in fire below my appartement, I had a lot of smoke in my appartement but nothing was burned.


I clean my computer after that, everything is working perfectly except that temperature issue. I check everything in the bios, event switch pins with others that i know for sure are working but nothing.


Could it be that my pump is broken ? When I touche the tubes that are supposed to cool the water. It's very hot close to the CPU but not even warm everywhere else.


I even changer the thermal paste.


Is there a way to know for sure that my pump is broken ? should i hear something ?


Thanks a lot in advanced for your answer.

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if it worked before cleaning then its highly unlikely the pump just suddenly coincidentally decided to die,

chances are it must be something that was done when cleaning.

while no one can know what was done,some areas to look at are

the regular wiring install

pump reading in bios for pump rpm verification

properly spread paste

twisted hoses

jostled around causing air pockets in the pump

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I had the temperatur issue before cleaning.

I started cleaning after that and took really good care.


First i juste clean the dust in the rad with a vaccum air, nothing changed.

Then I reseat the pump with a new thermal paste and nothing changed.


I check on the bios, the voltage and all the reste are good.


I check the cable and it seems ok nothing has moved.


Could it be something else I didn't look ? ok maybe dust in the motherboard plug ?

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