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Ticket 6472258 - Buzzing noise on the SP120 High Performance fans

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Hello there!


Last year around december, I've upgraded my entire rig with almost all Corsair products. You guys make wonderful products and I will continue to use them. However, recently I have noticed that the SP120 High Performance PWM mounted on my radiator and on my backplate of the 800D make some sort of buzzing noise. Currently they are spinning at 750 RPM with Corsair Link, wich makes the buzzing bearable, but still annoying. Ramping it up to max speed however makes it hell.

I did some research on the net and could find indeed that this problem occurs on cases with the High Performance edition. Is there anything you guys could help me with? I'm planning on buying 1 AF 140mm for my backplate instead and two for on my h100i radiator.


Please check these links to know what I'm talking about:


[ame]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cVexmotiuDs[/ame] at 1:40 you will hear them. Where after he disables them, the buzzing is gone.

Kind regards


Steven Serrien



This was the message I originally send to the support service. After scanning in my invoice, I was eligible for an RMA. However, like I stated in my next comment on the website. These buzzing noises on the SP120 High performance are something known on the net. I've checked several youtube links where you can hear them. Even on this forum, someone did a comparison and you could hear the difference. Not only sound by air was made. I stated that I would not want to get NEW high performance ones, becuase they would just give me the same issue.. I think this was ignored as I got a reply:


Your ticket has been approved for a replacement. Please refer to your email for further instructions and make sure to include all components that were provided with the original box. Our Warranty provides replacement for the model that you originally purchased.


If you can't afford any downtime, please contact our Customer Service at 1-http://www.corsair.com/en-us/company/contact to set up an Express replacement. Our office hours are from 700AM PST to 500PM PST, Monday through Friday.


Does this mean there is no chance on Quiet one edition fans and I'm stuck with pulling these out of my machine and just buy quiet ones then?


Kind regards



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