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Vengeance 1500v2 mic accessed by any program = ringing


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Running windows 7, brand new headset, fresh driver install (the latest one, at the sticky on top of this forum)


So, obviously there are quite a number of other folks with this issue.

I wish i read about this before i ordered this headset, i wouldn't have ordered one if I knew.


Is there consensus on the cause, and hopefully a fix in the works?

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Figured i'd at least try uninstall of software, re installation, etc.


Now, I cannot get the control module to launch at all, and volume is way too sensitive. 0 = off, 1 = slightly loud, 2 = too loud, 3 = my ears are starting to feel uncomfortable, 15 = my ears hurt.



This headset is off to a very, very bad start for me, after only a few hours of use it's all of a sudden practically useless.


FWIW, i noted that this issue started when i was playing a game and went to take off my headset. It made a weird noise, in the speakers i mean, and all sound was gone from in all programs.

I closed them all down, relaunched one, and sound worked... but i had the ringing mic symptom. Could this simply be a hardware problem?

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oh wow, okay so i was going to bed last night and turned off my computer. Nice dark room... except for the bright (relatively of course) purple LED's on this headset's volume control. Who the ... what the... how the.... FFS. Who made that design choice? This headset is basically a no go for anyone that sleeps in the same room as their computer, unless of course those LEDs can be turned off.


Speaking of LEDs, does anyone else find the volume control way too high on the cord? It ahngs at my chest height, sitting at the perfect height for it to bathe my LCD in blue light causing reflection on my monitor. Thank goodness my LCD is matte.


Is there a way to turn off the LED on the volume control?

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Hello mate,


I have had the exact same problems as you. The functionality of these headphones is severely f******.


On Windows 7 my experience was as follows...


- Installed Corsair headphone software and drivers: high pitched noise whilst using any application that uses the mic / noticeable white noise in non-mic apps

- Uninstalled Corsair software: high pitch noise disappears / white noise reduced but still very noticeable at medium-high vol / volume levels unbearably loud (you can either listen loud or silent) / playing with any software volume sliders causes the cans to freak out and crash with some horrible noises


Also, yes, the volume LEDs are pretty annoying at night. The controls hang at waist height for me.


I had planned to take them back to the retailer straight away, but made the stupid mistake of playing around with them hoping to fix the issues.


The build quality is decent, the sound quality is reasonable (when functioning), but they are very fatiguing to wear and the technical issues are very frustrating to say the least.

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Giant Tiger, try uninstalling the corsair headset drivers. Then installing 2.0.16 ... they work for me, at least insofar as that I can launch the control panel.


Next, right click on your volume icon on the taskbar, and go to playback devices, levels tab. MUTE both the line and mic sliders. There is a separate slider under the recording devices > levels tab... that should help with the mic ringing when a program is accessing it... at least it has for me, so far.

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