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H110 startup delay


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Ever since I got the H110, I been plagued with this issue that when I overclock the system, the H110 will not start immediately and the speed of the two fans for the radiator increase to max speed. During this moment, I am able to go into bios and see the CPU temperature climb to about 100 degrees Celsius and freezes shortly after. However, after thirty seconds or so, the H110 starts pumping and fan speed began to normalize. Once this happens, I hit the reset button and I am able to go into Windows. This problem mostly occurs when booting up the computer after a shutdown, but the issue occasionally occurs when restarting.


Now, when I put the settings in bios back on stock, the H110 works normally again. I have tried placing the H110 on different fan headers and connected it directly to the psu and still the same result.


I have come to the conclusion that the pump is not receiving the required voltage to start up when the system is overclocked, thus, the psu may be the culprit or the H110 just does not like voltage changes to the system. The only solution I can think of now is to have an external power source for the H110 unless you believe I should rma the either the TX750V, the H110, or both. One more thing, I have also tried connecting the psu to a different ups, but the issue still persisted. One ups has simulated sine wave and the other has stepped approximation to a sine wave. I figured that may have been the problem to cause the psu to act weird, but I guess that was not the problem and not to keen on the idea of connecting my computer directly to the wall outlet to completely rule out the wave form as an issue.


PC Specs in my profile is the system that this occurs on.

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Hello. I am not totally familiar with the H110, but I am pretty sure the pump receives it's power from one of the SATA power connectors in your system regardless of where you have the fan connector (used to transmit pump speed to the motherboard) connected. As soon as the computer is turned on, the pump should be operating at its intended RPM regardless of what you have done with respect to overclocking, etc. If you are sure the pump is not starting up immediately, you could have a SATA cable connection issue or the power supply itself may be flaking out on you.


Have you tried alternate SATA connections and/or cable to supply power to the pump? Are any other devices connected to the SATA power cable malfunctioning such as problems detecting disks or optical drives? What are the power supply readings within the computers BIOS program? Can you temporarily install another PS to eliminate the PS as an issue?


Please keep us posted on what you find.

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I forgot to mention this. Maybe it will provide a clue on what is going on. When I go into PC Health Status section in bios while the issue is occurring, the rpm are rapidly fluctuating between 8600 and 8800 rpm. This happens on both the cpu_fan header and the power_fan header. So, once I feel the vibration from the pump or hear the water start to flow, I reset the computer. Afterwards, I go back to health status section and see the rpm for the pump fluctuate near the correct 1500 rpm.


To paint a better picture on the setup:

(1) Two fans on a y-adapter connected to a cpu_fan header for radiator

(2) H110 pump connected to a pwr_fan header to provide a close to constant 1500 rpm

(2) One fan connected to sys_fan 1 header

(3) One fan connected to sys_fan 2 header

(4) Three fans controlled by a basic fan controller is connected to a four pin molex from the psu. Has a 3-speed switch and a light switch.


If you need more information on the fans, let me know. Also, all the fans start up immediately upon turning on the computer.


I do have another psu which provides up to 550W. I think it should be more than enough to support my current setup plus the overclock. I'll switch out the psu later. Yes, the 2 hard drives, 1 optical driver, and 1 sdd are detected during post and in windows, and from what I see, these drives are not malfunctioning. In case you ask, they are not detected in bios, but that is only because the onchip sata controller is set as AHCI. When I put them back as IDE, they are detected.


I was a little confused on the SATA cable connection part. From what I got from your discussion on this, the fan headers on the motherboard get their voltage from the same source that delivery voltage to sata cable connectors, correct?


The H110 has a three pin female connector which is currently connected to a three pin power fan header. I have tried using a 2 pin male molex to a two pin male adapter in order to connect the pump directly to the psu; however, the same issue still occurs in which there is a delay for the pump to start up.


PC Health Status readings:

(1) When functioning:

Vcore - 1.424V

DDR3 1.5V - 1.664V

+3.3V - 3.344V

+12V - 12.175V


(2) When issue is occurring:

Vcore - 1.456V increases for some reason

DDR3 1.5V - 1.664V

+3.3V - 3.328V decreases

+12V - 12.112V decreases or stays the same


Although, I feel like these changes are normal. The cpu voltage in bios is currently set to 1.500 V and DDR3 to 1.650 V. Let me know what you think or you recommend I try next before I switch out the psu.

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I switched out the TX750V2 with a 550 watt psu, and the H110 still has a start up delay while connected to the motherboard fan header or while connected directly to the psu.


Anyone else has any input on my problem? or should I just go ahead and RMA the H110?

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Has nothing to do with psu. It's either the mobo or the unit itself. If it only runs at 1500rpm when u get it going I'd prob rma it. I think it's supposed to run at 1850rpm. Other option is buy a cheap fan controller and run the pump off that (on max speed of course) and if issue doesn't occur u know it's something to do with the board. That or get a 3 pin to mole adapter and hook pump straight to psu. You won't see rpm but you'll know if it works because your temps won't climb like crazy.
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