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Ticket 6473036 - AX1200 warranty - No invoice

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I just opened a ticket regarding a failure of my PSU and I have been asked for the invoice of it which I don't have.

I purchased my AX1200 at 2011, this purchase was done by another person who bring stuffs from USA, he told me he bought it from amazon (or reseller maybe)

Unfortunatly, I don't have the invoice of the purchase and I don't have the contact of that person, who bought the PSU, anymore.

Since, AX1200 was released on 2010 and it has been passed only 4 years; and according to this site http://www.corsair.com/en-us/support/warranty AX series have 7 years of warranty. My psu should be in the range of warranty, right?

Thanks in advance.

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since your not the purchaser,,there would be no warranty as it isnt transferable and you must be able to supply a receipt in your name for replacements...

i am sorry as im sure you didnt want to hear this...

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