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M60 Scroll Wheel Probelm


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Hey, guys

So this is my first post, so hey :)

Ok, so my problem is on my M60 mouse the scroll wheel click doesn't function properly.

What I mean is that if I spin the wheel around to a certain point, you are unable to click the middle mouse button.

This problem started after I was playing BF3 and the mouse started to jitter about a bit, so, as anyone would do in frustration, I slammed the mouse on the desk and fixed one problem but made a whole new one...

I have contacted the RMA department of corsair but they need a receipt to verify warranties, a receipt which I don't have, so, I'll just have to fix it myself.

Any input would be highly appreciated,



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Does it happen all the time when you spin the wheel to the certain point?


You can try reflashing the firmware and see if that helps.

Yeah, everytime its about 1/5th of the mouse wheel that doesn't click.

It shouldn't seem too much of a problem, but it really feels broken.

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