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Questions regarding load temperature of cpu with an H60.


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Hi. Hope i could get some helps here :)



I want to know, is this consider normal for load temp with an h60?

In BIOS, the systems tell cpu temp is around 55c-57c. while using other hw monitor, it says 34-40c idle temp. is this normal?


i only use this intel burn test for now.


using open hwmonitor



using cpuid hwmonitor



about my h60

1.instead connect the pump power cable to motherboard 3pin, i connect it to my fan controller,and i put max speed, and it display 4.9k rpm. Before that, i connected it to the motherboard,and also when i checked, the speed around 4.5k++ rpm. So, i guess, the pump working correctly? is this method of supplying power to pump is good?


2.am i seating the pump correctly? the corsair logo isnt horizontal,its vertical.


So, do i need to reset and reapply thermal paste on my pump?


any opinions and replies much appreciated. Thx :)

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