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Corsair sleeved cable, bad sleeve?


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Hi everybody

I have this Ax1200i Corsair sleeved kit with the 24 pin sleeved cable. Bought it last Year September.

Now I have a new 900D and moved the stuff in the new case, when I was putting my sleeve kit in the 900d, I saw something strange, some cables have a kink/hitch in it and this every cm. So I looked at the ones that were still in the bag and here there were also some that have these strange kink in it, now after a good look there are 8 cables that have this, 3 I used ( 24 pin and both 4+4 pin cpu )and 5 still ( sata + 4 pci-e )new in the bag, the rest is fine.

Didn't saw that with my former build, my eye never catch that sleeve fault then, but now it did.What to do. I already did a ticket to after sales about it.


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don't do anything as there is nothing wrong with the cables.

it's just from the manufacturing of the sleeves. my blue Corsair sleeved cables for my AX1200 have the same thing for over a year now and no problems.

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