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Activating RM650 Fan


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I have the Corsair RM650 for about 4 months now and I have yet to notice the rotation of the fan.

Now I have read some forums and they almost all say that the pc isn't stressed enough to power up the fan, but while gaming some of the more graphically hard games (crysis 3, Skyrim) I've noticed that my pc becomes ridiculously hot. My graphics card comes up to 76 degrees Celcius (what amd catalyst control says). I do have enough fans in my pc but still...


Isn't there a way to turn on the fan manually?

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The PSU getting hot shouldn't make your GPU hot if you have adequate case cooling.


What case fans do you have and are the intake or exhaust? Whhat case are you using and how is the PSU situated (fan up or fan down?)

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