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350D Problems!


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Hello everyone, I'm brand new to this forum and have recently built my first PC. I built my system about 2 weeks ago and everything went okay. I have a few problems that I found out today.


The First problem:

I was looking at other user's 350D builds and I found they had one extra SSD drive cage than me. I only had 2 SSD trays when I got this case. That isn't the worry though.


The Second problem: (important)

I was running out of space on my SSD configuration so I put my 2TB Seagate Barracuda into a drive cage. Almost instantly the system made a loud buzzing sound. After days of troubleshooting I found out it was the hard drive cage, it seemed like it was vibrating against the case. I also found one of the drive trays was slightly damaged must have been during shipping.


I just want to know how to fix these issues. I figured the Corsair Forums would be the best place to go.


Thanks in advance guys :)

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Corsair switched from 3 SSD cages to 2 SSD cages for some unknown reason.


RMA the cage, I actually need to do the same with mine, as it came bent out of the box on my 750D.


Thank you, but how do I RMA the cage? I've never RMA anything before?

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