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May I please have a Vengenace K70 order status update?

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I placed an order (Order #700103179) on April 20, 2014 12:19:17 PM PDT for a Vengeance K70 keyboard with Cherry MX Brown switches. I got an auto-email immediately following the placing of my order from both Corsair and Visa, which indicated to me that everything seemed to be good both at your company and with my credit card provider. At the time I placed this order, the Corsair web store indicated to allow a 2-3 week period before delivery.


After waiting without any new notifications (I have checked my email spam/junk folder regularly), on May 19th I opened a Ticket #6469520 requesting a status update. After opening that ticket, I got an auto-email that indicated that a customer service rep would look into it within 2 business days.


As of this post writing (May 28th), I have yet to receive any updates from anyone at Corsair.


This experience has left me a little shaken in Corsair. I love your products and am always happy to recommend them to others - but this experience is teaching me that buying from your web store instead of from a 3rd party reseller was potentially a mistake.


At the point, all I really am looking for is just a status update to my order. I can understand if there are supply issues that are causing additional delays - but I want them to be communicated to me, because being kept in the dark is making me nervous about doing business directly with your company.


Thank you for any help you can provide me!

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