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650D Case Fried Fan Controller

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Hi Guys,


Wondering if anyone can help me with my case.


The fans has stopped working due to a fried fan controller.

At the moment the fans are connected to my motherboard, but I prefer to connect via the case due to better cable management.


It is less then 6 months old!


I have raised a ticket with Corsair to see if they can send me a replacement.

But what I am fearing is that they want me to ship the case back to them... or make me paid for the shipping costs.


Do you guys know if this will be the case. If it is I will view it as bad investment and go for another brand next time.

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Good luck, if they read your ticket, a lot of people are waiting for more as a week now for a answer and still hasn't got one. I would like to know why it take so long for getting a answer on a ticket, not the normal Corsair thing to do. Normally if the part is removable, if you can unscrew or disassemble it, you don't need to send back the hole case, some times they send you a replacement with out sending something back, they some times ask for a photo of the part that's is faulty.
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