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Weird blinking with Corsair H100i.


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So, this started when I started to play Watch Dogs. The game crashed and it locked up my whole PC. Now, I'm having weird issues with my cooler. [ame]

[/ame] Please tell me I won't have to get a new one. The fans still work fine and it's only the light that's messed up. Also, temperatures at idle are 30-32 C. Please help.


Also, the color was white normally and I do not have corsair link.


Will someone please help me?


EDIT: The CPU fans no longer ramp up while playing games. Please Help.

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Have you submitted an RMA request for this unit? Also before you try replacing the cooler you might want to download the Link application and run it to update the firmware on the cooler. This may fix the issue and give you control over the cooler again. If you update the firmware and still have these problems I'd go ahead and proceed with the replacement.
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