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I have recently bought the Corsair Vengeance 2100 Wireless Gaming Headsett.

After quickly reading the instruction I plugged the dongle to my PC.


NO LIGHTS FROM THE DONGLE? yeah ok.... Something is wrong.

Looked at the instruction manual once again to find I should have done everything right the first time. I tought to myself I was just a little stupid, so I tried again in another USBport, watchng carefully for a light.

YES! A BLUE shining light! - Turn on my headset to make them pair - look at the dongle - NO LIGHT?!?!?


ok... Long story short:


Saw the blue light on the dongle twice. First time you already know about - The second time is after much despair from trying to unplug/plug in, reboot PC and reading alot of posts on forums.


Generally my problem is:


The dongle and headsett won't pair.

I have tried with and without extender, in ALL USBports both with and without "force pairing".

After some time I completely gave up...


The day after I decided to give it another shot. THEN IT ACTUALLY WORKED ON THE FIRST TRY! This without anything other than plugging the dongle in my PC.


Already had music playing to see if it actually worked. Once the two paired, I got sound from the headsett.


NOW! This is where I get furious:


I'm not touching anything because I'm so happy it finally worked. THEN. after a couple of secounds of sweet music - ALL SILENT. I freeze. Then sweet music again. then again no music, music and no music.


From this point the dongle is completely dead.


I tried several times after this on my second PC and with several of my friends.


At this point the only reaction I get from my dongle is when I plug it in. It connects with the headsett, then dies. Sometimes its dead for a whole day, sometimes I can "revive" the dongle by simply unplug/plug it back in.




I also have been to http://corsair.force.com/ with my problem - Day 5 - Still waiting for a respond.

Also rewuested an RMA. No respond.





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