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Faulty Front Panel 500R, where is lot number written?

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Hi Corsair Team


I recently opened a ticket for Corsair 500R front panel issues, ticket is 6471869.


The form asks for a lot number. There are certain numbers on the case box but I dont know which is the lot number?


Please help so that I can add the lot number to the ticket. Also i am from India, I hope i am raising the concern in the right forum? Is there a separate portal for the Indian Customers? Please help me. Thanks

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the lot# was on the box IIRC but i dont think they expect you to keep a box.

maybe you can give one of these places a try otherwise Taiwan i think is the closest Corsair hub to RMA items.


Inspan Infotech http://www.inspaninfotech.com +91 4432975580

Kobian http://www.kobian.com 65 63383368

Tirupati Enterprises http://www.tirupati.net +91 33 22251192


In India Corsair has tied up with Kaizen Infoserve Pvt Ltd to provide authorized RMA services across 23 centers nationwide for the entire range of CORSAIR products.

Kaizen is the distributor and will work the resellers given to you by Synthohol, so you should contact your reseller and they will direct you where to go to get service.


if your case can be handled locally this will save you money in shipping and any duty fees.

good luck!

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Thanks a lot for your reply! I still have the box handy with me as from day one I knew there was an issue with the front panel.


Anyways I contacted Kaizen and they redirected me to Aditya Infotech Chandigarh (I live in Chandigarh in India).


I called them up and tried to explain the situation but the guy was blank. He asked me to bring the case over to the service centre.


I will be going the coming saturday but the problem is I have to take the 14kg cabinet with me. I hope they dont ask me to leave the case with them, it has all the PC components within. What a pain, should have been careful buying this as the front panel issue is so common in 500R.

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