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SP120 not running at rated speed of 2350- Exhange?


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Hey everyone. I recently picked up a twin pack of Corsair SP120's with PWM, and I hooked them to the bottom of my H100i for push pull (stock fans at top).


Here is the issue... They are rated to run at 2350rpm, but mine only run at 2050rpm. I purchased them at Frys Electronics here in Northern California, and I know they would exchange them for sure (I have made plenty of returns and exchanges there). I like to use the corsair link custom curve to set up the speed of my fans. I have my 4770k overclocked to 4.5, and it gets pretty hot. with them only going up to 2050, would it be stupid to exchange them? What would be the "luck of the draw" of getting another pair running at the same speed of mine? Should I wait a few days for a new shipment, or return them and order from somewhere else? Does anyone have any SP120's that run at the rated speed of 2350?


Whats all of your opinions?

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yes it would be stupid [your term ;):] to exchange them as theres a couple hundred variable rpm PLUS your pushing thru a rad PLUS its push pull in which will lower rpm a bit

run them free flow and check rpm...


just noticed...mixing fans will cause this also

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