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Is CorsairLink supposed to see/control other fans in your case?


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My case fans don't appear in CorsairLink. Are they supposed to? I ask because I can't really tell if they're increasing in RPM or not when I run CPU benchmarks (though, the Corsair h100i fans definitely do speed up).


I have 4x Noctua NF-A14 140mm 4-pin PWM fans in my case. Prior to picking up my h100i this afternoon, I used Asus Thermal Radar, which gave complete control over all fans in the case but uninstalled it to avoid any potential conflicts with CorsairLink.


Thanks in advance.

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thanks. I guess they may be coming out with a new version soon? Or at least, that's what I've been reading on a couple of forums. That's unfortunate, I'd really like to get my case fans in sync with the h100i soon.


One more question - Do you connect the h100i directly to the Link kit? I only have two USB headers on my mobo (one needed by the chassis), and I'm curious as to where I'd connect the h100i if the Link kit needs its own USB header.



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