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H100i Pump making horrible buzzing noise


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Hey peeps,

I just moved all my hardware over in a Corsair chassis and noticed right away a horrible buzzing noise. I disconnected everything one by one and concluded it is the H100i pump head making the noise (the fans was disconnected). In my old chassis I did NOT have this problem.


I've read about this and people saying it has something to do with the voltage being to high. The H100i uses these 2 cables, and it is when the "SATA POWER" cable is plugged in that the noise starts (im not even sure what I need the 3-pin for). Im assuming this cable makes the pump work so I cannot unplug this.


I found a firmware called "H100i_v1.0.7.s19", but I dont even know which one I have now, nor do I know if it will fix anything.


Anything I can do? I really dont wanna RMA it as like I said this was not an issue in the old chassis.

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